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Underwater love: How to seduce a Grouper fish at Bear Grylls Adventure

In a series of heart-warming videos, the attraction’s resident Grouper fish – Megatron – can be seen taking a shine to Wibke Jensen, display curator who looks after the creatures in the dive tank at the attraction.

Teaming with over 1,000 sea creatures, including sharks and rays, The Bear Grylls Adventure tropical tank has been home to Megatron since it opened to the public and his fondness for Wibke was evident from the start.

Megatron, who tends to shy away from other creatures and humans in the tank, is a completely different fish around Wibke and has even been known to roll over to have his belly stroked.

Talking about the friendship, Wibke says: “Fish aren’t generally known for showing affection, particularly when it comes to humans, but Megatron is a big softy at heart and he seems to love a bit of care and attention when I’m in the tank with him!”

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